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The following software files available from our website consist of either self extracting executable installer files or zip files that will need to be unzipped before using. Any of the OCX ActiveX files will need to be registered if downloaded in a ZIP format before being able to use them.

Mind's Eye Report Engine

Mind's Eye Report Engine PRO 3.5, 4.0 and LITE 1.0 Installer - (06/08/2008 - 4.9MB)
(Includes the MindsEyeReportEnginePro1.OCX v3.5, MindsEyeReportEnginePro4.OCX v4.0, MERELite1.OCX v1.0, Help File and Visual FoxPro Class Libraries and sample FoxPro Reports)

Mind's Eye Report Engine LITE Installer - (05/18/2008 - 3.1MB)
(Includes the MERELite1.OCX Version 1.0 report engine along with C# and VB6 Source Code Examples.)

MERE PRO 4 ActiveX Control - MindsEyeReportEnginePro4.OCX (zipped) - (06/08/2008 - 1021KB)

MERE PRO 3 ActiveX Control - MindsEyeReportEnginePro1.OCX (zipped) - (06/06/2008 - 1108KB)

MERE_ReportListener.VCX Class Library (zipped) - (06/05/2008 - 41KB)

MERE PRO 4 ActiveX Control and VB6 Demo Installer - (05/27/2008 - 3.2MB)
(Includes the MindsEyeReportEnginePro4.OCX, VB6 Source Code and VB6 Compiled EXE Demo)

MERE PRO 4 - VB6 Compiled Demo with Source Code - (05/27/2008 - 13KB)
(Requires the MindsEyeReportEnginePro4.OCX File)

Medical Office Management Software

Medical Office 98 Trial Demo (MedicalOffice98.exe 5.3MB)