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Mind's Eye Report Engine (MERE) Mind's Eye Report Engine Control

The Mind's Eye Report Engine ActiveX Control makes it easy to create reports programmatically using Visual FoxPro, Delphi or VB using the Mind's Eye Report Engine ActiveX control. Additional support for running Visual FoxPro FRX Reports without modification is handled via a Visual FoxPro Class Library included with the Mind's Eye Report Engine Control. The Mind's Eye Report Engine makes it easy to create Charts and Barcodes in a Report. It supports saving reports to PDF without requiring any 3rd party PDF printer drivers or tools. The Report Preview can ZOOM greater than 100,000%, and it handles PAGE X OF Y without making any extra passes on the Report. It supports Multiple Page Sizes and/or Page Orientations in a Single Report Preview which can be printed as a single print job or saved as a single PDF document. Since the Visual FoxPro FRX Reports can be ran without modification and loaded into the Report Engine using the included Visual FoxPro Class Library, you can even extend it's capabilities to add support such as Subreports and more. It's like having a desktop publishing page layout tool that you can manipulate programmatically.

The Power of this tool is that you now have a Report Object that you can manipulate at runtime and it is extremely fast.


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