Report Engine and Preview ActiveX Control


The Report Engine and Preview ActiveX Control makes it easy for Windows developers to Create, Preview and Print Reports and Technical Drawings as well as Save those Reports to PDF documents. Pages of Different Sizes and Orientations can be added to a Single Report and dynamically manipulated at run time and is only limited by the amount of memory/disk space available. Since the control is data independent, it can be used to generate reports for any database using itís built in Methods and Properties. Although, special Methods built into the control along with the included VCX Class Library give it the ability to run Visual FoxPro FRX Reports unmodified and can then be Previewed and Printed overcoming limitations of the Visual FoxPro Report Writer.

Reports can also be saved directly to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file without requiring any additional PDF Printer Drivers. Saving to PDF is Blazing Fast and Accurate since it generates the PDF file directly from the objects in memory. There is a built in FIND Method, which can highlight ALL text found within the Report Preview and the FIND also supports cumulative searches.

There are Methods to add Text, Lines, Shapes, Images, Report Fields and Pages to a Report dynamically at runtime. There are also Methods that can be called programmatically at run time to Save To PDF, Print, Zoom, Navigate Pages, Find Text and more. All objects can be placed programmatically onto the control to generate reports to 1/10,000th of an inch precision. It supports printing All Pages, Current Page or Range of Pages as well as printing Both Even and Odd, Even Only or Odd Only pages. It will also print pages in reverse order so they will be stacked properly on inkjet printers so you don't have to hand order them. There are properties to set anything you would want to on the control. You can set the Scale Factor, dialog captions, automatic calendar overlay display which is great for making Photo Calendars of the kids and since it is vector based, Report Previews can be scaled to over 100,000%.

     Some notable features of the control are the ability to Zoom from 10% to 1,000,000%+, the ability to display Rotated Text at any angle, hide any or all toolbar buttons of the control simply by setting properties, have each page be of a Different Size and/or Orientation and the ability to have a Watermark displayed for each page in the report. For a complete list of features and highlights of the control see below.

     The control is written in Delphi and does not depend upon any MFC files. The control can be placed on a form in development tools that support ActiveX controls such as Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Visual Basic or Delphi. It can also be used on a web page as seen by clicking the link below to view a demo of the control.


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