Mind's Eye Report Engine/Preview Control
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the Report Engine Preview Control have a Royalty Free License?
A: Yes with the following limitations:
The control can only be bundled in an End User application. In no way is the control to be resold to a developer. Also, the Development License LIC file is not to be shipped with the control. Each developer is required to purchase his or her own license for development purposes.
Q: What files do I need to distribute with my Visual FoxPro application?
A: The only file that you need to distribute to use the control is the MindsEyeReportEnginePro1.OCX which is the ActiveX Control. You will need to use the VFP Class Library MERE_ReportListener.VCX in your application to run standard VFP Reports using the VFP 9 Report Listener. To programmatically generate reports, you only need to distribute the OCX file for the Mind's Eye Report Engine ActiveX control you are using.
Q: Why does the preview (with ShowWindow=0) behave like a modeless form, ie. the program continues?
A: This behavior can be easily modified to be a Modal or Non-Modal Form and can be done by making a simple change to the ShowWindow parameter handling in the ReportFormPreview() Method and creating another subclass of the ReportPreview Form class.
Q: There seems to be a limit of 32,767 pages, so the line on the webpage that says "is only limited by the amount of memory/disk space available" is not quite true.
A: This is not a limitation of the control. It is a limitation of the Visual FoxPro _PAGENO and _PAGETOTAL internal VFP Variables. Currently, their values cannot exceed 32,767. I will be coding around this limitation but you will not be able to rely upon the _PAGENO and _PAGETOTAL variables if you pass that limitation.
Q: In Visual FoxPro, the engine does not seem to always pick up landscape mode from the FRX?
A: Do not clear out the EXPR field in your Report FRX table. The MEIReportEngine Class reads the EXPR field to get the Page Size and Page Orientation of the Report. At the moment, the MEIReportEngine Class ignores the TAG and TAG2 fields. However, it could use the TAG2 information since it is actually a DEVMODE Structure of the default printer that the report was last saved with .

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